Resin Shelving

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Resin shelving

The oldest trick in the Organizer Handbook is to use any available vertical space. Especially in key storage areas such as under stairs, lockers, garages and off-site storage units. Places where a lack of aesthetics won’t matter! Enter this quick-to-assemble, sturdy, plastic shelving unit. It is affordable, long-wearing and relatively lightweight to carry out of the store. We use these everywhere and clients are amazed when all their stuff is up off the floor and put on a shelf. Common brands are KIS and Gracious Living. Available at Canadian Tire and the usual hardware retailers.

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  1. Sam Midha on April 10, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    Thank you for the very practical tip: I use this shelving in the back of my locker. It allows me to have easy access to all the stored articles and the extra room that is created by the shelving gives me much more space. It also leaves the front area open for more regular and frequently used storage items.

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