about us

We understand it can be tough having a stranger in your home. Here, we invite you to learn a bit about our team.  We were all driven to this work from a deep seated belief in the magic of less, and for a desire to help others live better. We care about our clients, we care about our work and we care about each other. Founding partners Diana and Heather live simply in a small space, and we try to minimize our impact on the environment. We hope to lead by example, and strive to consume less, except when it comes to delicious home-made vegetarian food!

diana vela
professional organizer + move manager

Photo of Moving On team member Diana Vela

I've been passionately helping people in times of stress for over 12 years. I'm a good listener, patient and I thrive in an environment of multitasking. I have managed hundreds of moves, and move days are my favorite days at work. I read between the lines to create results. Problem solving is a challenge I'm always game to accept!

I studied Film & Television Production. I have taken carpentry/handy women courses and I'm about to start an entrepreneurship program at the University Of Toronto. I'm a proud Colombian-Canadian, fluent in Spanish and English.

When I’m not helping clients move or get organized, I'll be teaching our little human how to play soccer, or responsibly explore and care for the world we all share.

Watching nature documentaries, rockclimbing, or day dreaming about how to eliminate single use plastic are among the ways I spend downtime.




heather shute
professional organizer + designer

Photo of Moving On team member Heather Shute

I am fascinated with the way people live, and it brings me joy to help them to do so better. My mind is less organized than analytical (systems! systems! systems!). I use my design background and spatial sensibility for the benefit of all our clients, but consider myself an organizer first, and a designer second. I know that a beautiful space must also function in order to stay beautiful. I hold a Bachelor of Interior Design, with honours, from Ryerson University.

I pride myself in living simply but beautifully, and recognize this as an environmentally responsible choice. I’m my own personal environmental experiment, constantly finding ways to reduce my footprint on this planet.

When I’m not helping clients move, get organized, or renovate, you might find me wrangling kids at a local park, climbing a rock wall, or cooking up a vegetarian experiment in the kitchen.



ricardo vargas
head mover, co-owner, moving on transport

Photo of Moving On team member Ricardo

Moving On Transport was a ‘pandemic project’ started in 2020. Diana had dreamed for years of offering an internal moving service, and when we partnered, I made her dreams come true! So I’m basically the Moving On moving angel.

As the head mover, I expertly navigate all the challenging geometry equations on our moves. It excites me to recognize that our social objective is more than moving boxes from one place to another. For me, it is about moving memories, honoring clients’ individual transitions and helping them experience a move like never before.

In Colombia, I spent 20 years working up through customer service to management roles with AstraZeneca Latin America. I pride myself in always going the extra mile, being humble, strong training and team building, and finding a niche where I excel.

When I’m not on the move, I am enjoying time with my family, my dog, watching soccer games, or with my nose in a book.


professional organizer

Photo of Moving On team member Erin

Whether I am organizing, sorting before a move or unpacking after, I take great pride in helping to make a house, a home. I have been a professional organizer for over 10 years, but really, I have been organizing my whole life. I am always looking at spaces and figuring out how I can make them work better... my family can attest to this as I am constantly striving for more efficiency in my own home (sometimes a losing battle).

I am also a registered dietitian and have a Masters of Health Science  in Community Nutrition. Both my organizing and nutrition work allow me to help others, which is the heart of what gives me purpose.

When I am not working, you will find me wrangling my kids, riding around the city on my cruiser, searching for zero waste products, or working on a puzzle of some kind.

professional organizer

Photo of Moving On team member Kelly

Running around a film set is where I have spent the majority of my working years and I will always be fond of my time working in the camera department. As both a Film Loader and Focus Puller, I have organized, handled and moved tonnes of precious cargo to and from many sensitive locations across the city. Being able to find any piece of gear at a moment’s notice is of utmost importance, as is the ability to multi-task and problem-solve. Time is always of the essence while filming. In many ways, moving day is the same!

Finding the world of professional organizing has been such a natural and fun transition for me. I love being helpful; I love putting things in their rightful spots; and I love putting my organizing skills to the test every day.

In my spare time you can find me basking in the sunshine. I love being in the garden, park or by the water.

professional organizer

Photo of Moving On team member Giovanna (Gio)

I’ve always loved organizing and helping people. As a child, when I wasn’t in school or dance class, you could find me pulling all the toys off the shelf in my parents’ basement and putting everything back in their “proper” place. I would even ask my sisters if I could organize their bedrooms. One really liked the help, the other, not so much.

Since I’ve found the world of professional organizing, I’m so happy to share my skills and help others as a member of the Moving On team.

After graduating with a BA in Film and Media Productions at Humber College, I worked in the film industry as a Production Designer. During that time, I learned to work efficiently and I created systems to keep all props, set decoration and costumes organized and easily accessible by any of my crew members.

When I’m not working as an organizer, you can find me teaching circus arts at A2D2 Cirque Centre, as well as performing with the A2D2 performance team.