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relocation + rightsizing

Moving homes is stressful. With courtesy and care, we help relieve the stress of your move by managing all of the details. We work with you to build a moving plan, and to sort your belongings, helping to determine what should make the move with you to your new space.

Imagine arriving to your new home the evening of your move to find your kitchen setup, bed made, and toothbrush in exactly the right spot. We'll make that your reality!

pre-move planning

Sort and purge your belongings to only move what is necessary (and help you dispense of the rest)

Plan all move details, including scheduling, hiring movers and specialty service providers

Supply reusable plastic bins for packing, which are more economical and eco-friendly than cardboard

Create customized, scaled floor plans to help determine what furniture pieces best fit your new space, and where you might need additional/new pieces

Declutter and stage your current home for a faster sale, using your own furniture

the move

Pack your belongings systematically for easier unpacking

Coordinate and oversee moving day

Coordinate specialty moving such as pianos, chandeliers, custom crating, overseas shipping

Donate, dispose of, or advise you on how to sell unwanted items

Arrange a cleaning service, so you are moving into a fresh space

Source and shop for furnishings for your new home

Purchase and setup organizing products in kitchens, bathrooms, closets

settling in to your new home

Unpack and set up your new home

Ensure your bed is made for a peaceful first night, and the coffee maker is ready for a great first morning

Coordinate upgrades and renovations at your new address

Help transfer home services (telephone, tv, internet, newspaper delivery, etc.)

Install art

Removal of all packing materials

Contact us about your move!

What will it cost?

Since we build custom solutions based on your needs, every project is different. Let's talk! We charge hourly for all services:

  • Design Services $150/hr
  • Project Manager / Lead Organizer $115/hr
  • Assistants on team-based jobs $70/hr
    HST is additional.